North Korea's Kidnapping Program

My name is Daniel. I was an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea, and am now a writer who has
published three books including South Korea: Our Story by Daniel Nardini.
                          Recently, a former North Korean defector, who had acquired South Korean
citizenship, is said to have gone “missing” on the border between China and North Korea. Having
become a journalist, he was reportedly working on a story when he went missing. It is widely being
assumed that he was kidnapped by North Korean border guards, but we are not sure. One thing is
sure; the North Korean government is guilty of kidnapping South Koreans and taking them north against
their will. During the Korean War, the North Korean government abducted 84,532 South Koreans and many
of these people are still missing. Since the end of the war, a further 3,800 South Koreans were kidnapped
by North Korea, and an estimated 480 South Koreans are still unaccounted for from this number. The
North Korean government has taken by force thousands upon thousands of South Koreans for various
reasons over the decades—for forced labor, for gathering intelligence on South Korean maritime and
military positions, for use as hostages, and for “teaching” North Korean agents how to use Korean as
used in South Korea for spy missions. Those South Koreans who managed to return have spoken about
these things. But these things could never have taken place without there being a coordinated North
Korean kidnapping program in place to find ways to take people in the Republic of Korea by force and
at opportune times. Of course, it also makes perfect sense for the North Korean government to abduct
those Koreans who escaped from North Korea and being them back to North Korea by force. Although
the South Korean government has raised the issue of those kidnapped by North Korea, the issue has
never been all that well resolved. This is simply because the North Korean government has never
even acknowledged what they have been doing, and will keep on doing this for the foreseeable