The Logistics of Boy cotting China

My name is Daniel, I was an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea, and an now a writer who has published
three books including South Korea: Our Story by Daniel Nardini.
                                           Recently, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that he was going to cut off trade with
nations that did trade with North Korea. This obviously would include China which accounts for 80 percent of all
of North Korea’s imports. Well, all nice and fine. I have said long before Trump ever became a candidate that the
United States should start to get itself off of its dependency of China. But for the last 25 plus years the economies
of the United States and China have become so intertwined that this may now be next to impossible. China now
accounts for 80 percent of all the toys in the United States, 20 percent of all our clothes are made in China, and
20 percent of all electronics are made in China. These figures do not include other categories where China has
exported considerable consumer items to the United States. So with all of this, how can the United States cut
off trade with China? This would need a carefully coordinated plan and in fact would take time to change the
long list of products being made in China to either being made in the USA or being made in a country not
controlled by China. This is easier said than done because this will be extremely painful for the American
consumer and worse will mean that Americans will no longer be able to so easily find the products they want
because they are currently being made in China at present. Even if such a plan were put into effect in stages, it would
still mean a lot of empty shelves in so many stores, and those consumer goods that are left would go up in price because
the costs of making products in the USA and other First World countries would mean that such products would
cost more. To cut off trade with China would also mean going against World Trade Organization rules, and the
U.S. government would have to change a number of its own laws to even gradually cut trade with China.
Interestingly enough, former U.S. President Barack Obama actually has helped U.S. industries expand and
make many more American products than any president before him in an effort to boost American employment
and offset our growing dependence on China. Will Trump do the same?